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Safely neutralize formalin waste with the only California EPA certified technology. Our starter kit includes everything you need to quickly respond to any formalin neutralization need.


Neutralizes Formalin; Neutralizes Formaldehyde; Neutralizes Glutaraldehyde.

    NEUTRALEX® STARTER KIT Formalin Spill Control

    SKU: 4046
    • Starter Kit Includes:

      • 4 pouches of Neutralex®
      • 10-pk bag of 8 x 10" Neutra-Pads®
      • 60 Neutra-Wipes® (1 container)
      • 1 Reaction Container
      • 1 Aldehyde Test Kit with pH Test Strips
      • 1 Container of Neutra-Form®

      Neutralex® by Scigen-The Only Formaldehyde Neutralizer Certified by CA/EPA and CA/DTSC

      • The only Environmentally Safe and Certified Technology for Neutralization of Formalin Waste
      • Eliminates the Need for Off-Site Disposal of Hazardous Formalin Waste and the Cradle to Grave Liability Associated with Its Regulation
      • Safe and Effective Drain Disposal with No Drain Clogging Solids.
      • No pH Adjustment Needed.

      Neutralex® is a Registered Trademark of Scigen Inc. Neutralex® is patented by Scigen Inc.


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