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Instantaneously neutralize formalin, while rapidly absorbing harmful liquids. Treats 30-50mL per wipe. Includes dispenser and 1 roll of wipes.


Neutralizes Formalin; Neutralizes Formaldehyde; Neutralizes Glutaraldehyde.

NEUTRAWIPES® Formalin Neutralizer

SKU: 4278
  • Neutralex® by Scigen is the only formalin neutralizer certified by CA/EPA and CA/DTSC.The only Environmentally Safe and Certified Technology for Neutralization of Formalin Waste.

    • Convenient pop-up dispenser    
    • Absorbs and neutralizes noxious vapors
    • 60 wipes (12 x 12.5 in.) per roll
    • Manufactured using ISO 13485 quality system
    • Ideal as liners on storage carts, shelves, and in rooms where formalin and aldehyde are kept or transported—neutralizing any spillage and helping to eliminate noxious vapors
    • Designed specifically for use with other Neutralex products for maximum effectiveness in treating formalin and aldehyde waste

    Note:  For convenient wipe refills, see Neutra-Wipes - Refill Rolls (4279K1 and 4279)

    Neutralex® is a Registered Trademark of Scigen Inc. Neutralex® patented by Scigen Inc.

    Neutralize Formaldehyde Waste, Neutralize Formalin Waste, Neutralize Glutaraldehyde Waste

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