• Forma-Vial™ specimen containers are uniquely designed to be leak proof and protect against biohazardous or hazardous material release to the environment 
  • Highly visible OSHA compliant labeling 
  • Sizes range from 7mL dermatology containers to 7.5 Liters operating room organ buckets 
  • Container openings range from 13mm to 300mm 
  • Filled with 10% neutral buffered formalin to 50% of container’s capacity 
  • Formalin waste designed to be treated in bulk using Neutralex or treated individually using Neutralexr tablets (patent pending).
  • Nonsterile containers marked with a lot code and expiration date, 4 year shelf life 
  • Manufactured using ISO 13485 and FDA quality systems

VIP Fixative® 10% Pre-Filled Neutral Buffered Formalin

SKU: 0001
  • 10% Pre-Filled Neutral Buffered Formalin 7ml
    Item #: 1007
    Unit Per Pack: 400
    Packing: 1 Case
    Weight: 12
  • Item Description

    Specimen Container Pre-filled With

    Neutral Buffered 10% Formalin

    Closure Included Yes