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  Phantom® Rapid Tissue Processor
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Phantom® is a formalin-free, non-microwave, rapid tissue processing technology for complete (fixation, dehydration, clearing, and infiltration) tissue processing in less than four hours or needle biopsies in one hour. Our technology and reagent provide exceptionally sharp morphology and nuclear detail that pathologists expect and require for accurate diagnosis and research. It delivers superior staining quality when contrasted with conventional (FFPE) tissue processing. Phantom is engineered for all types of specimens up to 6 mm, including fatty specimens such as breast tissue, eliminating the necessity for different processing techniques. Phantom is a non-crosslinking technology enabling genomic and microarray-based clinical testing as well as traditional pathology testing. Phantom technology is ideal for: Immunohistochemistry or immunofluorescence studies, genome, transcriptome and proteome analysis, RNA and DNA expression analysis, Qiagen DNA or RNA extraction and cytogenetics arrays. No pre-sorting or special grossing, just load and go.


240 cassettes per basket, or 192 using our patented Accuflow Basket, designed for maximum reagent penetration

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Phantom®: Rapid Tissue Processor21001 Login | Register
Phantom® Single Processing Reagent21101 Login | Register
Phantom® Paraffin last up to two years in our paraffin vessel21208-Kg Login | Register
Phantom® Tran-Fix, Pre-Filled Formalin-Free, 40ml Specimen container213098 Login | Register
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